This is how it works.

First, a donor gives money to Orbeliani. With this money, we set up a theme. Themes can focus on a certain region, or be open to all of The Republic of Georgia, where we operate. Money can be allocated for different groups—such as university students, women, or those who speak Armenia—or it can be for anyone.

Citizens with ideas for initiatives submit an application online. We call these citizens "volunteers." When volunteers submit an idea, they commit to personally carrying out its implementation.

There are two easy steps to submitting an application online. First, a volunteer is asked to narrate what value their initiative provides, who it benefits, and what they imagine the long-term effects of its implementation would be. Then they add the cost and description of the items needed to supply their initiative, as well as information on a vendor who can provide those items. That's it!

Reviewers evaluate ideas on factors like originality, practicality, sustainability and gender equality. If an initiative is selected, it goes live on the Orbeliani platform, where other vendors are encouraged to bid on the items needed. A contract is signed, funds are transferred directly to the approved vendor, and every purchase is documented automatically.

The platform allows volunteers to publish real-time updates on the progress of their initiatives. Anyone can comment on the initiatives and interact with the volunteers. 

Orbeliani is the first online funding platform in Georgia with an easy application form and equal access for all: men and women, rural and urban, young and old.



Your willingness to change the world around you is the reason we do what we do. If you have an idea for positive action and the desire to see it through, apply today.



See all the current initiatives funded on Orbeliani's open platform. Our live feed includes up-to-date activity on purchases, implementation and impact.

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