Our volunteers are the life and energy of Orbeliani. Here's a glimpse into the lives of three citizens who are currently implementing endeavors through Orbeliani's platform.


Taso Modebadze

Taso Modebadze, 26, is a teacher of the Georgian language at the school of Giorgeti, a village populated with ethnic Azeri minorities in the Eastern part of Georgia, where primary language of studies is Azeri. After studying in the Georgian capital Tbilisi, Taso returned to her native village to use to educate others. Taso has mobilized her entire community to create a space where youth can gather, read books, watch films and share ideas. Taso says: I feel ashamed that most of my salary goes to these things, what I am doing now while Mom and Dad cannot afford to buy shoes and coats for winter and I ask myself: what is the source of this drive – which makes me forget my own self and my mundane desires? And then I get a strange and even scary sentence in response: - you do not belong to yourself but to the entire world. You have a shared life…”



Esma, 54, lives in the village of Duisi, Pankisi gorge, inhabited by Kists, a Muslim ethnic minority. Esma is a tailor by profession and decided to open free tailoring courses at her house for conservative Muslim women who face barriers of attending public spaces. “Working with Orbeliani is interesting, as there is a lot of promise there, of new ideas, of new relationship and the new ways of engagement. Not all of these girls taking the courses will become a tailor. But even if some do and they get a job in the local workshop, this will change their life a lot!”


Giorgi Demetrashvili

Giorgi Demetrashvili, 34, father of three children, lives in Tbilisi and is passionate about bettering the lives of disabled children. He is a psychologist by profession and has been working in the field for 15 years.  Giorgi is working with university students into an endeavor which is new and creative for the Georgian reality. He and his team will use recycled things to build a playing ground for disabled children and wants to promote the idea to other places serving kids’ needs. “Orbeliani is making our idea become a reality. We are engaging young people so that they develop right attitudes toward the disabled people. The volunteers who’re working with us may become a teacher, minister, politician but they will have the right feelings. We work together, because we think that the change for one is a change for all.”


Want to become a Volunteer?

Here's what you need to know.

How It Works

Orbeliani does not give out grants. We give the supplies you need to bring your idea to life. 

Working with us is easy: share the change you want to achieve by filling out our easy application form. Our reviewers will then evaluate your idea and make a decision. If your endeavor is approved, you will be expected to report back on the online thread about the work you are undertaking. We also want you to encourage your community to crowdsource feedback on the endeavor’s evolution. This way, you can demonstrate the direct ramifications of the purchases made for your endeavor.

Get Involved

Change begins with one person at a time. We are looking for people who are committed to envisioning a better world and eager to share their ideas on how to achieve that. Our volunteers are passionate about what they do and open to working with others and sharing their experiences with the world. If this sounds like you, apply today. 

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